7 keys of the foreplay


Preliminary games are key to enjoy sexual pleasure and here are some recommendations

No. 1. Be authentic. Leave behind the obstacles in your expression and make the most of their charms. The key is to be completely honest with what you feel and be comfortable with yourself. We recommend you start with minimal games and flirting and then, as confidence grows stronger on this plane of the relationship, follow the burning adventures.

No. 2. Assume the freedom to choose. Do not embark on a game because of obligation or to please the couple. Establish together the rules, according to the sexual needs of each, that is central to let go and enjoy the moment. Another issue to keep in mind: do not start with these games, if what you want is to content or settle an issue with your partner, this will not solve it, the only way to solve problems of a couple is through communication.

No. 3. Choose when to stop. If they are painting or reading a book, they do not worry about time or they make an effort to hurry so that the moment lasts more or less than the desire they have to continue reading or painting as the case may be. The same thing happens with sex, they can stop when they want, or continue with everything they want to try, but it’s their decision. Do not let yourself be pressured or press yourself,

No. 4. Always bet on the sense of humor. The laughter and well-being that can cause this type of sexual encounters, serve to de-dramatize and make fun even the awkwardness of the moment. You do not need to be a femme fatale or a sports calendar kid to dare to play around a bit, make humor your ally.

No. 5. It is not a matter of competition. The erotic games do not aim at an end or a utility, on the contrary, they seek enjoyment without requirements. It’s for fun and no more. You do not have to prove anything to the other or vice versa, and everything will work better if you dedicate yourself to flow in pleasure instead of reasoning everything too much.

No. 6. Be curious and participatory. Although it sounds strange to you, the more you get involved in the erotic game, the more you will be able to enjoy and make your partner enjoy with intensity, encouraging you to explore new sensations without taboos.

No. 7. Trust yourselves. This is perhaps one of the most important tips. They had the charm and attractiveness to seduce each other – in fact, if they are still together and sexually active, the attraction is more alive than ever – so they will surely achieve the pleasure of two.

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